The Real Melissa

Why I don’t have an alter ego, even though in this line of work it is strongly encouraged.

I’ve been told that it’s important to have an alter ego to use for work. Be a version of myself that hides away the private, the personal, the vulnerable, for my own protection and to maintain healthy boundaries. Well first of all, I’ve never been good with boundaries. And second, how can I possibly be anything other than my authentic self when I go around telling everyone how important it is that they feel comfortable being THEIR true self with me?!

Some of you don’t want to know the real me and that’s totally fine. Some of you don’t want me to know the real you and I have a variety of thoughts and feelings about this that depend on your reasoning. If you don’t want me to know your name or where you work for your family’s safety and anonymity- awesome. I respect that 100%. If you don’t want me to know that you’re embarrassed about your weight or that you are a recovering addict or that you had to take a little blue pill a half hour ago, well that’s your right but honey you don’t have to hide from me. I’m here to embrace ALL your parts. You’re safe with me. Let’s laugh and cry together.

I am Melissa. I have stretch marks and body hair fucking EVERYWHERE I don’t want it to be and I can’t read comic books because they don’t go in straight lines and I kind of have a pee fetish and my boyfriend had to teach me to use napkins in restaurants because I was raised by wolves and IT IS OK TO BE YOURSELF. I’m gonna be myself. Am I safe with you?

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