Up Front & Personal: 3 two-hour long cuddle sessions or 3 one-hour GFE sessions ($900 value) $800 paid up front. Cash only.

Bonus session: Loyalty cards are here! Show up on time and pay for 10 visits, get your next session of any kind FREE (max 90 minutes) Valid for Cuddles, GFE, Skype sessions, and Dates! Feel free to mix & match. 🙂

Constant Contact: Weekly girlfriend plan including sweet daily texts, 7-days of my OnlyFans, one local meal and/or movie date, and 2 one-hour GFE sessions at my place or yours. A 800/week value for only $650 for the first week, $600 for the second week, $550 for the third week, $500 for the fourth week and all subsequent weeks- to be paid up front in cash at the beginning of each week. One week off is fine, two weeks off in a row means pricing starts over. 🙂

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