I get asked the same questions a lot, so I’m going to try to answer the big ones here for everyone’s convenience.

Q: Where can we hang out?
A: My first choice, especially for meeting new people, is the local hot tub place. It’s clean and safe and very relaxing! But that does add about $40 to your bill and then we have to go by their schedule, so whether or not we meet there is entirely up to you. My incall, which I call my cuddle space, is located between Auburn and Federal Way in a safe and private home that I share with my ex. Please do not worry about him- He’s totally harmless, very supportive of my choices, and keeps to himself when he’s even home, which is rare. ❤️
I’m also happy to come to you if we’ve already gotten to know each other a bit (at least 2 or 3 appointments) and I feel safe with you. ❤️

Q: Bareback?
A: Absolutely not. Not even bbbj. Not with recent test results. Not for a million dollars. Not if you’re a virgin and your dick is made of the finest dark chocolate. I will not do it on a plane, I will not do it in the rain. I will not do it in a house, I will not do it with your spouse. As a long-time Planned Parenthood volunteer, the daughter of a nurse, and the obvious favorite student of my college Human Sexuality teacher, I just can’t.
This is something I only feel comfortable sharing with very specific people that I have personal relationships with outside of work. Thank you for respecting that ❤

Q: Are you 420 friendly?
A: Yes. I choose not to smoke very often for a lot of reasons, and I don’t smoke with clients for safety, but I totally don’t mind if you do. 🙂

Q: What should I wear to my appointment? And what will you be wearing?
A: Whatever you’re comfortable in! Cologne makes me sneeze, but any clothes that make you feel good, go for it! I cuddle people who come straight from work in sweaty T-shirts and jeans or nice slacks and a button-down shirt. I cuddle people in sweatpants, underwear, or their birthday suit! I usually wear leggings and a soft tank top, but I also take requests and own quite a bit of lingerie that can be fun from time to time.

Q: But Melissa, you’re SO LOVELY, what if I’m shy and afraid to meet you IRL?
A: I’m just a regular human, I promise! And it’s ok to be shy. I offer online services including Skype and sexting sessions to help you get comfortable with me. See my “At a Distance” section on the home page.

Q: Are you really bisexual?
A: Yes I am! And I love talking about it and sharing sexy stories while we’re cuddling. I also offer duos with my dear friend Mona and will spend time with you and your partner for an additional $100/hr. on top of whatever you would be paying for our visit.

Q: What are your boundaries?
A: I am so glad you asked! I have few boundaries but they include- don’t bite my nipples, tickle me anywhere, or touch my b-hole without asking. Don’t talk about kids, animals, or poop in a sexual way. That is literally all I can think of at the moment but I may remember something else later!

Q: What do I do if I run into you in public?
A: I would LOVE to give you a hug, but I understand that everyone has different needs for discretion, so feel free to approach me, but I will NEVER approach you first. So don’t worry about that! ❤

Q: Can I tell you about an embarrassing kink or fetish? Will you help me work out my lifetime of sexual repression/abuse/trauma?
A: You can tell me absolutely anything, with no judgement, and I will do my very best to work through it with you. I’m a kinky weirdo too! However, please keep in mind that I am NOT a licensed therapist and I always think it’s a good idea to work with one of those as well. ❤️

Q: Can I send you a picture of my dick?
No thank you. I’m sure it’s lovely, but receiving a picture of your dick that I didn’t ask for will pretty much guarantee that I won’t want to see it in real life. In fact, if you are one of the many many men who love sending dick pics to women, I have tons of great advice on how and when to send pictures in a way that will dramatically improve your chances of getting laid, or at least help you not get blocked and publicly shamed. I’m happy to teach you all about it during your appointment. 🙂

If you REALLY need me to see your dick, first cash app $20 or more to $MelissaLove1981. Thank you ❤️

Q: Can I take you out on a date? Like hang out just for fun and not pay you for it?
A: Yes and no. You can definitely take me on a date! In fact, I love food and movies and mini golf and science museums and all kinds of fun date activities. But I do charge for my time, and my date rate is only $150/hour plus you pay for the date activities. I am super fun and you can introduce me to friends, family, or co-workers as your date Melissa whom you met online, which is true! I would never tell anyone you were paying me for my time, AND because I’m not a 25 year old model, no one would ever assume that you were!

Q: What is your real name?
It’s really Melissa! I used to go by Emily Love when I was just camming, but then I started meeting people IRL and kept accidentally introducing myself with my real name and then being like “SHIT!” lol I have never liked lying so I’m just not good at it.

Q: What kind of man do you like?
A: Oh this is an easy one! I like people who are kind and good! You mean physically? Eh, I like tall, short, chubby, buff, skinny, dark, light, tattooed, clean-shaven, hairy, masculine, feminine, energetic, relaxed, pierced, missing a leg, covered in moles, acne scars, loose skin from losing weight, stretch marks from gaining weight, crazy long covid hair, Grizzly Adams beard, 10 inch penis, 2 inches on a good day, can’t get or stay hard, instant insatiable boner, owns 3 houses, lives in a trailer… I. LIKE. YOU. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, as long as you are kind and respectful and don’t do anything to hurt me (unless that was our plan lol) I am going to have a great time with you. I can’t wait to show you how sexy and awesome you are. ❤

Q: What’s with all the heart emojis?
A: I’m a really caring and loving person, and it’s hard to convey that in text, so I hope the hearts help! ❤

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