What if Your Man is Cheating on You With a Sex Worker?

You are probably super pissed! Or at least pretty disappointed and sad. If you’re reading this, you’re curious anyway. I cannot speak for everyone, on either side of the situation. But I can tell you how I think and feel. Please believe me when I say I REALLY don’t want to steal your man. I’m not about that. I will never speak negatively of you or your relationship. When a man tells me he isn’t satisfied at home, I say things like “Why do you think that is?”, “What’s changed?”, and “Are you trying to find other ways to be intimate?” and I give examples of some ways they can be more kind and attentive partners.

My job title is Personal Companion. This means I charge for my time, and we spend time together. We do whatever we want because we’re both adults, and this mostly consists of me giving light body rubs while they complain about their job and/or their boss. Sometimes we talk about our fantasies and make out like teenagers. Sometimes we watch a movie and talk about Marvel or Sci-Fi. Sometimes they tell me about childhood trauma and cry a little. And sometimes they’re just into weird shit they aren’t ready to tell you about just yet. Maybe I have to pee on him or finger his booty before he knows for sure he wants to risk mentioning it to you. My clients know they can tell me anything without worrying about being judged, they’re in a safe space here. And even when they 100% trust you, it can be very difficult for men to talk about their feelings, especially with people they love. Being vulnerable in front of those who count on you to be strong. But I always suggest they communicate with you about what’s on their mind.

I will never encourage anyone to spend money they don’t have. I don’t believe in upselling. If someone tells me they can’t see me because of the money, I will always encourage them to make responsible financial decisions and put your family’s needs first. I’ll be around when it works out.

What if he catches something? Despite being super duper safe all the time, I still get tested once a month, just to be absolutely sure, and to set a good example. If I ever have a positive result, I will reach out to anyone I’ve had sexual contact with in the last 2 months, and insist that they seek testing and any necessary medical care. Hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood!

Why don’t I just tell partnered men to fuck off? Because that won’t solve the problem at all. It would only slow them down by the 5 minutes it takes to find another provider. If they see me, at least I can promise they’re being safe, and being encouraged to nurture their existing relationship. It’s pretty much my most ethical option.

Do you want to confront me because you suspect that I’m seeing your man in a professional capacity? Yes please! I will never give out confidential information about a client, including confirming that I’ve even met them, but I can talk with you about how you’re feeling. I can answer general questions about what I do here and I can listen to your concerns. We can even set up an appointment to work on things in person, which I HIGHLY recommend if you’re feeling insecure about your body. Your first two hours are free, and it’s 150/hr after that. I very much prefer text and email, as I am awkward af on the phone due to an auditory processing disorder.

Thank you so much for being open to hearing my point of view. ❤

Melissa Love

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